Do I have to be an Edmentum customer to participate?
Yes, only Edmentum customers are eligible to participate in this contest. An Edmentum customer is defined as a user on any of the following programs: Courseware (Plato), EdOptions Academy, Study Island, Exact Path, Reading Eggs, Edmentum Assessments - Acuccess & Test Packs, EducationCity, or ESL ReadingSmart.

I’m and EdOptions Academy teacher. Can I participate?
Yes! We love our EdOptions Academy teachers and value their dedication and hardwork! Unfortunately, because EdOptions Academy teachers are employed or engaged by Edmentum, they are not eligible to receive Edmentum contest prizes, but one EdOptions Academy teacher will be recognized as the Academy Teacher of the year and a feature profile about them will be written and published on the Edmentum blog.

I see that there are multiple ways to nominate this year. What must be submitted to be considered for this award?
This year, Edmentum educators have the choice to nominate themselves or nominate a colleague. Only one completed nomination is necessary for entry; you do not need both a self-nomination and a reference’s nomination in order for your entry to qualify for final review. Complementary or over-lapping nominations (such as a self-nominated educator who is also nominated by a colleague, vice versa) will be judged as a single entry.

Is there a limit on how many nominations a single school or district can submit?

No, please feel free to nominate multiple teachers or administrators in your school or district, so long as he or she is an Edmentum user.

What are the criteria for winner selection?
Winners will be selected based on the following criteria, which are specifically called out in the questionnaire: technology integration, Edmentum implementation, innovation, student engagement, and professional development.

What do the winners receive?
T One overall Educator of the Year winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and be invited to attend and speak in the Edmentum booth at ISTE, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. Three Inspiring Educators will also be selected to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. All winners will be featured in the Edmentum blog.

Are administrators eligible to be nominated?
Absolutely! All educators are eligible to win.

Can multiple individuals nominate the same educator?
Yes. Multiple individuals at the same school or district can nominate the same educator, however, they must all submit the nominee in the same grade-span category. Receiving multiple nominations does not necessarily influence your chances of winning.

Can I submit my nominee in multiple grade spans?
No. Please limit submissions to one per grade span.

My nominee does not fit in the traditional registration categories; which should I choose?
If your nominee's school does not fit into a single registration category, please select the category that best describes the nominee. For example, if you are nominating a 4th grade teacher who works in a K-8 school, the best fit for registration would be to select elementary school. Please limit submissions to one per category.

When will winners be announced?
Award winners will be announced by May 9, 2019.

All contest entries and participation in the Contest are subject to the official rules.

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