Quinton Public Schools: A Superintendent's Perspective on Meeting ESSA Requirements

Is your district set to meet ESSA requirements? Join us for a live webinar to hear first-hand from Superintendent Stacey Henderson, of Quinton Public Schools, on how their district plans to meet Oklahoma ESSA requirements with online learning programs.

This is a previously recorded live event from September 2017.

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With the roll out of ESSA this school year, the Oklahoma SDE will be fully implementing an ICAP program (individualized career and academic plan) in the next three years. Through this program coursework must be aligned for future careers, the need for math remediation must be reduced by 50% for college-bound students, and districts must be able to quickly identify and take action with struggling students.

Quinton Public Schools is already one-step ahead, over the past five years they have been personalizing learning in their K-12 schools by leveraging Edmentum’s online learning solutions. Join us as Stacey Henderson, a 19-year educator who has served in nearly all school and district roles, discusses how Quinton Public Schools plan to:

  • Meet state accountability requirements
  • Ensure college and career readiness for all students
  • Identify skills gaps and reduce the need for remediation

We will also discuss district-wide implementation best practices for online learning programs. And, following the presentation we will provide time for a live question and answer session.


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