Boost Growth and Proficiency with Exact Path and Study Island

Have you ever felt torn between two instructional objectives—trying to support individual academic growth AND helping students achieve standards proficiency? It shouldn’t be an either/or decision! Edmentum Exact Path and Study Island pair targeted instruction at each student’s precise learning level with standards-based practice to support all students as they work toward both growth and proficiency.

In this live webinar, we’ll dive into what Exact Path and Study Island have to offer and share examples of how schools and districts across the country are using these programs together to improve student outcomes.

This is a previously recorded webinar.

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During this presentation, we’ll discuss how you can put each program to work in your classroom to drive toward a complete growth and proficiency solution.

Together, Exact Path and Study Island offer:

  • Evidence-based diagnostic assessments
  • Individualized learning paths with high-quality curriculum
  • Standards-based formative assessments
  • Practice items aligned to your state test
  • Robust progress and performance data
  • Time-saving teacher tools including video lessons, lesson plans, projects, and activities


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