Understanding Technical Integrations in Education: 

FAQs for Beginners to Experts

Education technology should make educators’ and students’ lives easier, not more complicated.

In this presentation we answer some of the most common questions about planning for and implementing effective technical integrations solutions.

This is a previously recorded webinar.


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Making sure the various tools in your district, schools, and classrooms are interoperable is key to getting the most out of your programs. Watch today to hear what Edmentum’s VP of Customer Success, Jeremy Spivey, has to say and learn more.

We also discuss:
   •  What common buzzwords like ‘rostering’ and ‘LTI’ actually mean
   •  Taking a ‘Digital Ecosystem’ approach to education technology
   •  Helping all stakeholders understand integrations and interoperability

   •  Ensuring student and educator data privacy


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