Supercharge Your Daily 5 with Online Literacy Programs

By combining student choice with the ability for teachers to meet individualized needs, the Daily 5, a simple but powerful structure from “the 2 sisters”, has won over educators near and far since its inception in 2006.

In this webinar, we take a closer look at the tenets of the Daily 5 Framework and best practices as described by its creators as well as discover how Edmentum’s online literacy programs can help take what you’re already doing to the next level.

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When rolling out the Daily 5, you might ask questions like: do I have enough appropriate reading materials? How do I ensure students are on track when working independently? Conversely, when rolling out an online literacy program, you might ask: when and how do I make time for this in my instructional day? When you combine the two together, answers become crystal clear!

Together Daily 5 + Edmentum Can:

  • Provide quality reading materials for Read to Self
  • Keep writing exciting in Work on Writing
  • Support checks for understanding during Read to Someone
  • Determine appropriate activities within Listen to Reading
  • Motivate learning throughout Word Work
  • Yield powerful data to inform small-group instruction


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