The Importance of Play in the Classroom

Researchers, educators, and countless studies agree that play-based learning has a positive impact on student learning and development. As more educators begin to adopt purposeful-play models into their classrooms, we are beginning to see trends that include higher engagement and student collaboration.

We know that play is a critical part of education - but why? and what does this model look like in a classroom? Watch this OnDemand webinar for a closer look at what play based learning is and how educators are embracing it.

this is a previously recorded webinar.
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During this webinar we dive into the benefits of play based learning in classrooms and its impact on educators and students.

We also discussed:
   •  The research behind why play-based learning is a critical part of education
   •  The elements of play and how it works to engage students
   •  How educators are making play-based learning an essential element in their classroom


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