How EdOptions Academy Teachers Foster Student Engagement in Virtual Courses

In this OnDemand webinar with several of our highly qualified EdOptions Academy teachers discuss what the student experience is actually like in virtual courses. They cover how the EdOptions Academy instructional approach and specific strategies our teachers use to engage and personalize learning for every student, including live lessons, video conferencing with Zoom, and on-demand tutoring.

This is a previously recorded webinar.

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During this event, our teacher panelists shared their experiences related to:
•  The unique challenges of online teaching
•  Effective communication with virtual course students
•  Motivating students and providing accountability
•  Facilitating hands-on learning in the virtual environment

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Meet Our EdOptions Academy Teachers!

Lauren Masino is middle and high school science teacher at EdOptions Academy with fourteen years of teaching experience. She lives in North Carolina with her two kids and three dogs and loves reading, trying new foods, and volunteering for animal rescue.

Marilyn Stefani has been a math teacher for 27 years and believes that all learners have unique abilities, interests, and dreams that carry them through life. Marilyn knows that some learners take the leap and others test the waters first, and she feels strongly that digital online learning allows for both.

Donnie Lecroy is a Math teacher for EdOptions Academy and has been teaching for 38 years. He lives in Florida along with his two children and three grandchildren.

Diane McRandal is a Health and Physical Education Teacher with 20 years of traditional classroom experience and 5 years teaching virtually for EdOptions Academy. Diane is EdOptions Academy's 2019 Teacher of the Year in addition to being part of the Accreditation Team, a member of the School Improvement Team, and a mentor teacher.

Maggie Champlin is a rare native Floridan, who has worked in the traditional and virtual classroom for over 10 years. At EdOptions Academy, she teaches the subject she loves - social studies.


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