Blended Learning: Which Model Works For You?

Interested in implementing blended learning this year but not sure which model is best for you? Let us help you figure it out!

Join us as we explore the four most common blended learning models and learn how to make them successfully work in your school or classroom.

This is a previously recorded live event from September 2017.

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Blended learning is designed to use technology to provide learners with the most effective learning experience by combining the best parts of traditional learning with the immediate feedback, data, and differentiation available through online learning. But, how do you choose the best model for you and your students?

Join us for this live professional development webinar as we walk through a self-assessment that will allow you to determine which Blended Learning model or models can work within your current schedule, resources, goals, space, and technology setup. Then we will explore the most common Blended Learning models and tips for how to implement them successfully into your school or classroom.

Continuing Education Certification: Attendees of this webinar will receive a certificate of attendance, which may be used for purposes of CEU certification where applicable.


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