UAE Workshop: Empowering Schools to Innovate, Adapt, Revolutionize Inspection Readiness 

Date:          Tuesday, 4th June 2024
Time:          8:00 - 10:00 am GST (breakfast served at 8am)
Location:    School of Modern Skills, Dubai

  • Unlock precise strategies and actionable steps to elevate and sustain your school's inspection ratings.
  • Elevate your expertise in enriching student learning experiences through personalized learning.
  • Embark on a collaborative journey with Philippa Wraithmell, a leading consultant and former senior educator
  • Gain invaluable insights from school leaders across the UAE who have achieved remarkable success with inspection rates and their digital strategy implementations.

Join us for a morning of networking with fellow school leaders from across the UAE and a breakfast on us!

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Headlined by Philippa Wraithmell, the founder of EdRuption and former senior education leader across top UAE schools and government bodies.

Supporting Attainment and Growth

“Calvert Learning offers a lot of opportunities to turn theoretical into practical, allowing students and teachers to better understand the concepts. Students show a lot of excitement whenever they get the chance to participate in experiments or create physical projects that can be taken home.”

Mr. Tiaan Oberholzer, Teacher, Annie's School, Taiwan

Read the case study here.

Virtual Learning

“If we did not have this program, Courseware, I do not know what we would have done. There was no way we could continue education the way we were doing it. One of my thoughts at the time was, ‘what if we just close for a year and we’ll reopen back in a year from now?’ That was something we had proposed to the board; I didn’t know what to do."

Ms. MaryAnn Przekurat, Director, American School of Nouakchott, Mauritania

Read the case study here.

Supporting Student Agency

"Study Island enables self-studying because it explains answers and gives learners an explanation for whether each answer is correct or not."

Noha Al Sabagh, English Department Coordinator, El-Massria American School, Egypt

We can help schools personalize education through personalizing learning and curriculum, supporting social-emotional learning, and helping to address common school challenges such as:

  • Expanding course/curriculum offered
  • Providing credit recovery/first-time credit
  • Increasing progress, growth, and attainment
  • Offering virtual, hybrid, and distance learning
  • Supporting social-emotional learning and wellbeing
Find out more about how Exact Path can help you in the classroom.
Workshop Timing 
8:00am     Breakfast is served, opportunity to network with fellow UAE school leaders from top schools
8:30am     Workshop begins
9:30am     Time for Q&A
10:00am   Finish

Workshop Presenters

Philippa Wraithmell
Founder of EdRuption, Educator and Award-Winning Author · EdRuption
Philippa has held former senior education roles with top schools across the UAE and government bodies. As an accomplished educator and award-winning author with over 15 years of experience in the education sector, Philippa’s expertise lies in integrating technology effectively into educational settings. Her passion for meaningful technology integration has empowered schools to enhance student learning experiences across the region, from STEAM subjects to broader curriculum development.

Dani Woodward  
Partnership Manager · Edmentum

Dani has previously worked in early education for 14 years, with a foundation degree in Early Childhood and Education. She has experience planning differentiated learning to cater to individual needs while supporting developmental stages. Dani partners with and supports schools worldwide as they introduce a range of Edmentum’s flexible digital curriculum and learning solutions, promoting success and achievements through advocacy.