Equity Reform: Examining Policies, Curriculum, and Access to Ensure Opportunities for All Students  

Perspectives Event Series

Guests: Shomari Jones
and Kerrie Torres

Across the United States, adequate and equitable educational opportunity is far from a reality for many students of color, students from low-income families, and other historically and systematically excluded students. If we agree that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that all young people have equal access to a high-quality, world-class education, then we must find solutions to address the challenge of equity reform to drive outcomes. This goal has never been more important than in today’s fast-growing knowledge economy that is coupled with increasing rates of poverty as more and more families are left behind. 

In this event, we cover :

  • ​ Examining equity reform and its impact on priorities and decision making in educational conversations
  • ​ Discussing equitable policies that inform how we provide learning opportunities for all students 
  • Understanding how decisions around curriculum and instruction impact the quality of learning for all students 
  • ​ Ensuring every student has access to educational experiences that nourish and challenge them as learners 

Live attendees received an Attendance Certificate that may be used toward CEUs.

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Shomari Jones
Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement at Bellevue School District (WA) 

Shomari Jones is the Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement for the Bellevue School District. where his job is to research, analyze, develop initiatives, and coordinate strategies to ensure each and every youth is supported towards success. He is also the past Chief Operating Officer at the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, focused on community work in education, employment, health and housing with Seattle’s disenfranchised African American community.

Kerrie Torres
Assistant Superintendent, Newport Mesa Unified School District (CA)

Jen Perry
Edmentum, Director of Whole Learner & SEL

Jen Perry joined Edmentum as the Learning Designer for Social Emotional Learning after 30+ years of work with youth in educational and community settings. As a teacher, administrator, and trainer, her passion has been to help educators develop an understanding of the importance of social emotional learning and build trauma-informed responses and systems. This work has included supporting youth, administrators, and schools in understanding behavior and implementing transformational change through strength-based approaches.

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