Perspectives Event Series

Durable Skills: Preparing Students for the Future of Work

Guests: Tim Taylor, Tom Burton,
and Mary Cooke

The United States is facing a projected deficit of 6.5 million skilled workers over the next decade. So, preparing students—every student—for the workforce of the future requires schools to equip them with the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

In a skilled workforce, jobs demand that students develop common competencies in K-12 education, enabling a broader group of learners ultimately to find success in their careers and communities. Durable skills are essential regardless of educational attainment level, industry sector, or geography as durable skills are 7 out of 10 of the most requested job skills and employers seek these skills nearly 4x more frequently than the top five technical or hard skills.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • ​ How the research in the Durable Skills Report is helping districts transform career pathways;
  • ​ How districts are offering innovative opportunities for students to engage with business partners, and
  • How the needs in their local community are served through entrepreneurship---for the benefit of students, employers, and communities. 

Live attendees received an Attendance Certificate that may be used toward CEUs.

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Tim Taylor
America Succeeds

Mr. Taylor is the cofounder and president of America Succeeds, an organization committed to improving educational opportunities, outcomes, and equity by harnessing the influence and acumen of the business community to accelerate change.
In 2021, American Succeeds published The High Demand for Durable Skills which demonstrates workforce demand for Durable Skills across industries, occupations, and geographies.  

Tom Burton
Princeton City Schools (Ohio)

Mr. Burton is currently the Superintendent of Princeton City Schools, located just outside of Cincinnati.
He has been in administration since 1995 with over 12 years of service as a building principal. Since 2001 Tom has spoken to numerous audiences throughout the United States with passion and purpose on a multitude of topics including his district’s business partnership program that has grown from 30 companies to over 500 business partnerships, including some Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Mary Cooke
Harvard Community Unit School District 50 (Illinois)

Dr. Cooke is the Director of Curriculum, Assessments, and Grants.

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