Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Addressing the Crisis and Building for the Future

Perspectives Event Series

Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Guests: Kelly Coash-Johnson, Dr. Alena Zachery Ross,
and Dr. Mark Benigni

How do we retain good teachers and address the shortages that persist across the country? 

In this virtual event, we address what may be one of your biggest challenges: attracting and retaining a stable teaching workforce.

We hope you'll join us to learn about informing policies and practices for teacher recruitment and retention, including employing innovative strategies to fill teacher vacancies while also keeping existing teachers engaged.

Live attendees received an Attendance Certificate that may be used toward CEUs.

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Kelly Coash-Johnson
American Association of School Personnel Administrators

Kelly is the Executive Director at American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA), a national educational association that advocates for human capital leadership in education. She travels all over the country meeting with PK-12 HR Directors, Principals, Superintendents and Department of Education staff to address issues of importance to the educational field including the teacher shortage.

Dr. Alena Zachery Ross
Ypsilanti Public Schools

Alena is the superintendent of Ypsilanti Public Schools in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She has created a comprehensive and creative recruitment and retention program within her district where she competes with the University of Michigan just a few miles away.

Dr. Mark D. Benigni
Meriden Public Schools

Mark is the superintendent of Meriden Public Schools in Connecticut.

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