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Built specifically from the ground up to your state standards


Over 600,000 high-quality items offer the depth needed to support student learning


Real-time progress monitoring and data-rich analytics allow you to seamlessly access results


Practice that mirrors what students experience on high-stakes summative assessments


Customizable assessments based on your state standards


Various practice modes including Group Sessions engage students in learning

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Exciting new features rolling out this summer

We’re taking Study Island to the next level by making improvements to educator and student features, based entirely on customer feedback. Coming Summer 2017!

Discover why 10.7 million students love Study Island

Kimberly B. Hahn, Supervisor of Elementary Mathematics
Woodbridge Township School District, NJ

“Students like the games and interactivity of Study Island. Any time we can put more technology into students’ hands, they’re going to enjoy school more, and learning is going to increase.”