Congratulations to our 2016 Summer Academic Sprints Winners!

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Summer Academic Sprints! 
353 schools spent the summer months earning a total of 55,773 Study Island Blue Ribbons!

The 2016 Academic Sprints School Winners

  • Grand Prize - Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter School, earned an average of 29.5 unique Blue Ribbons per student

  • Elementary School Category - North Star Central Elementary School, earned an average of 15.5 unique Blue Ribbons per student

  • Middle School Category - Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School, earned an average of 24.1 unique Blue Ribbons per student

  • High School Category - Wagoner High School, earned an average of 23.4 unique Blue Ribbons per student

The 2016 Academic Sprints Student Winners

  • Grand Prize Winner - Sanjana, 3rd Grade earned 165 unique Blue Ribbons

  • Elementary School Category - Anthony, 1st Grade earned 144 unique Blue Ribbons

  • Middle School Category - Cadence, 7th Grade earned 93 unique Blue Ribbons

  • High School Category - Michael, 9th Grade earned 110 unique Blue Ribbons

All of our sprinters did a great job and we wanted to recognize some additional honorable mentions from this year's contest:

Elite 10

Schools that had 10 or more students finish in the top 100!

  • Epic One on One Charter School

  • Logan Township Elementary School
  • Northvail Elementary School

The High-Five Champions
Schools that answered 85% or more questions correctly!

  • Utica Elementary School

  • Salemburg Elementary School

  • Lewisville Middle School

  • Lake Forest Elementary School

  • Lewisville Elementary School

  • West Hopkins School

  • North Star Central Elementary School

  • Indiahoma Public School

  • KIPP South Fultom Middle School

  • The Montessori School at Bemis

  • Shawnee Elementary School

  • Chester Middle School

  • Cherokee Charter Academy

  • Ocean Palms Elementary School

  • Sheboygan Falls Middle School

The Grand Sprinters
Schools that had over 500 students participate!

  • Epic One on One Charter School

  • East Wake Middle School

Congratulations to all of our sprinters!

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