2018-19 Partnership Options
for Student Growth & Proficiency 

Choose from Two Approved Edmentum Programs

With the Michigan state-wide Benchmark Assessment program starting next fall, Edmentum is committed to supporting student growth and proficiency. Additionally, our partnerships with NWEA and Renaissance Star® provide seamless program integration and personalized learning paths.

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Whether you utilize the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment or Renaissance Star Assessment, Exact Path integrations allow you to leverage student results to automate meaningful, personalized learning paths. Over 3,500 different learning activities are available for instruction, practice, and assessment. Other tools in Exact Path will help teachers in working with whole class, small group, and individual instruction. 

Exact Path

  • Adaptive learning paths powered by student NWEA or Renaissance Star assessment results
  • Provides students at all instructional levels with a complete learning progression of curriculum through 12th grade
  • Progress monitoring tools and real-time notifications to track student performance

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Study Island is the perfect tool to address improving proficiency on the M-STEP spring test. Research has shown, 30 minutes of practice per week, per subject, produces significant growth outcomes on higher stakes tests like M-STEP.

Study Island

  • Features like Group Sessions to engage students in collaborative practice and formatively assess learning with Built Tests, which allow you to create, assign, and share targeted assessments
  • Built-in reporting to help monitor results in real time
  • Use your NWEA performance data to drive focused practice in Study Island that automatically targets your learner’s individual needs
Want to learn more about our Study Island research? Click here!

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