A Holiday Gift for You: One-Hour Mindful Check In and Break for Relaxation

Give yourself the gift of an emotional holiday retreat, brought to you by Edmentum. No crystals, candles, or product talk (we promise!); just an opportunity to take a breath, check in with yourself, and practice a little mindfulness during the holiday chaos. We know how arduous this year has been. Join us for a workshop style conversation led by our very own Jen Perry, who brings 30+ years of experience in educational and community settings, to focus in on strategies for educators to use immediately and ideas for school systems to evaluate as they provide continued support.

This is a recording of a previously delivered webinar from December 9, 2021.

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We hope you'll join us for this special holiday conversation. It's our small gift to you for all the amazing work you do every day!

Our emotional spa day (hour) will include:

  • Tips on building your emotional vocabulary
  • Activities to relax and assess your stress level
  • Tricks to focus on what you can control
  • Insight into the research behind these whole learner practices