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Exact Path - deliver the right lesson at the right level at just the right time.

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—Sean Carter, Mountain Empire Unified School District, California

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Adaptive assessments & targeted learning paths
K-8 Reading, Language Arts, and Math

An objective and valid assessment created by in-house subject matter experts and psychometricians pinpoints where students are ready to start learning.

A competency-based progression of instruction, practice, and assessment aligned to key skills and standards ensures students progress toward learning goals.

Automated alerts and grouping recommendations allow educators to differentiate learning and inform daily instruction.

Smart data visualization tools analyze assessment results and display learner progress in real time.

Meet students at their instructional level

How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been? Identifying where students are ready to start learning is a necessary step to being able to individualize learning. Our solution helps you:

  • Pinpoint student understanding utilizing valid and reliable assessments
  • Create complete student profiles of individual strengths and needs
  • Report global growth scores upon each successive administration

Monitor progress at every turn

Reviewing data shouldn’t require a translator. Truly powerful data should be easily consumable so that you can leverage that knowledge in your day-to-day progress monitoring and planning. Our solution allows you to:

  • Measure real-time progress and academic growth by skill
  • Formulate key insights based on national norming data
  • Utilize simple visualization tools to communicate with stakeholders
  • Identify students below, on, and above grade level within districts, schools, and grades

Pace learning to student needs

Is your instruction at the right pace for every student in your classroom? When instruction is guided by each learner’s needs, students are able to focus on the appropriate skills. Our solution will:

Support a competency-based approach utilizing adaptive learning paths
Adapt to learning needs using real-time data from frequent progress checks
Motivate students with short, digestible instructional modules
Scaffold learning, utilizing direct instruction, practice, and application

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