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Edmentum's Courseware Gradebook Upgrade

You asked for an integrated grading tool that allows you to monitor student performance in real time, and we listened. The upgrade will take place July 19 - July 23.

Gradebook upgrade will take place July 19 - July 23

What benefits does the new Gradebook offer?
No more having to run a Grade Report everytime you want to see a students grade! The new Gradebook is a live grading tool located within the courseware application. It is synced to the activities in the course, and updates automatically as students complete work.

Do I need to read the information below before the upgrade takes place?
Yes! Lots of important and need-to-know information below.

Download the Gradebook Quick Guide!
For more information about the upgrade process and to be able to share it with other educators in your account so that they will be ready, make sure you have downloaded our quick guide!

Please contact Support with any questions.
[email protected]

What you need to know before you upgrade

The information below is essential in making sure you experience a seamless upgrade. Before you choose your date, you will be asked to verify you are the primary account administrator and you have read all of the below information.

Here are some of the things you will be able to do with Gradebook:

  • View a complete picture of student progress in context - student grades will be visible on the Section Details, My Classrooms, and My Students pages alongside completion and pacing data.
  • Modify grades from right within the Gradebook; they automatically sync to the learner's details.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility in determining how activities affect a student's grade with a Gradebook that is automatically aligned to the course activity categories.
  • Edit category weights and grading scales to align to school or district grading policies (if permitted by the account administrator).
  • Add up to 3 instructor defined activities to support local program needs (if permitted by the account administrator).
  • Print individual student reports or export class data whenever you need.
  • Easily assign credit value to a course and track credit recommendations right from the Gradebook.

In addition, educators with an Account Administrator role will be able to do the following:

  • Define the grading method for each course and apply it across the account.
  • Set grading scales for the entire account.
  • Choose whether to allow educators to edit category weights and grading scales for their sections.
  • Allow learners to view their grades from the learner interface.

What will happen when my account is upgraded from Grade Report to Gradebook?

  • When your account is upgraded, Grade Report and your previously created grading templates will no longer be available.
  • A Gradebook aligned to the activities in each course and using the Edmentum recommended category weighting will be applied to each existing section.
  • Account Administrators will be able to set the course category weights and grading scales to align to local grading policy or allow educators to modify their own Gradebook settings for each of their sections.

How will upgrading to the new Gradebook affect my students?
Once you upgrade to the new Gradebook, your students will be able to see their current grades from within the learner interface so that they will have a complete picture of their performance. If you do not wish for students to see their grades, Account Administrators can easily turn this feature off from the Administration Center.

What should I do before the upgrade takes place?

  • Inform all educators using your Courseware account of the dates the upgrade and send them the Gradebook Quick Guide so they will be able to prepare to use their new Gradebook.
  • Determine if educators will be allowed to modify their grade templates or if the account will use standardized grading. If the account uses standardized grading, Account Administrators also need to decide what grading weights educators in the account will use for each course.
  • Deactivate and archive any sections that are not longer in use, this will clear clutter from your account and save educators time. You will still be able to print reports on archived sections for your records as needed.
  • If you plan to use your current Grade Report templates as guidance in the new Gradebook, record each of your grading category weights before the upgrade so that you can refer back to them. Once the upgrade happens, you will no longer have access to Grade Report or your old templates.

What should I do after my account has been upgraded to the new Gradebook?

  • If desired, the Gradebook can be standardized at the account or program level. To do this, Account Administrators will use the Gradebook tab in the Administration Center to define course category weights and apply them across the account. Additionally, Account Administrators will also have the ability to lock course grading settings, or allow educators to modify settings for their course sections.
  • If grading will not be standardized at the account level, educators can make changes to the category weights and grading scales in the Gradebooks for their sections as needed.
  • To use the Edmentum recommended course weights and grading scale, no updates to the Gradebook will need to be made after the upgrade.

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