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Virtual and Blended Learning Curriculum and Services for Elementary Students

For over a century, we have been a mission-based organization focused on student success in nontraditional learning settings. We believe that all students deserve a high-quality education, no matter where or when they learn. Calvert provides schools with:

  • An engaging, project-based curriculum featuring resources designed for elementary learners
  • Highly qualified, state certified elementary teachers experienced in online instruction
  • Flexible services and support tailored to your unique needs
  • Option to blend online and print-based learning tools designed to support elementary learners

“We have been proud partners for over a decade and offer it as the premier choice of curriculum for our families. The Calvert support staff is second to none and unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children before profit margins. The quality, in combination with the staff, makes working with Calvert a valued experience for everyone in our school.”

—Charles Heckel, Principal, Rural Virtual Academy, WI