What is the Edmentum’s Study Island Summer Academic Sprints Contest?
The Edmentum’s Study Island Summer Academic Sprints Contest is our 2019 Summer contest, which runs from May 26 – August 17, 2019.

There will be four total student winners from two categories:
  • Two winners will be chosen for most questions correct with at least 60% correct overall, one from each of the following categories: (K-6th Grade) and (7th-12th Grade)
  • Two winners for consistent usage; they will be chosen at random from those who use Study Island to answer at least 20 questions correctly each week with at least 60% correct overall for 9 of the 12 weeks.
How are the winners determined?
There are two categories of winners, most questions correct (two winners) and consistent practice (two winners).

Most Questions Correct Winners: Three winning students will be selected based upon the total number of questions answered correctly in Study Island during the contest period, May 26 – August 17, 2019. The student from each grade span (K-6 and 7-12) with the highest number of questions answered correctly that also has an overall percentage of questions correct of at least 60% will be the winner.

Consistent Practice: Two winning students will be selected at random from those who answer at least 20 questions correctly each week for at least 9 of the 12 weeks of the contest period and also have an overall percentage correct of at least 60%.

Students can only win in one category. If a student wins for Most Questions Correct, they will not be eligible for the Consistent Practice Prize.

What are the prizes?
  • Each student winner will receive 1 Kindle fire HD8 tablet
  • Each winner's school will get a $150 pizza party
Some exclusions apply. See official rules for full details.

Who can participate?
Students at schools who are current Study Island customers as of August 17, 2019 are eligible to compete. Only one entry per school is needed.

Can other Edmentum customers participate if they don't have Study Island
No. The contest is only open to current Study Island customers as of August 17, 2019.

How do I enter?
Entries may be made by a teacher, principal, or other school faculty member by filling out our contest form https://info.edmentum.com/2019-SI-Academic-Sprints.html. Entries made by parents or students will not be accepted. The deadline to enter is August 17, 2019 by 11:59 PM CT. Entries are accepted for schools only. We cannot accept a single entry for an entire district. If you are trying to register more than one school using the same email address, please email us directly at [email protected]. Click here to register.

How will Edmentum determine which students are participating in the contest?
Any student from a registered school who answers questions in Study Island within the contest period is a participant.

What does it cost to compete in the Summer 2019 Academic Sprints Contest?
It is free to register and compete in the contest. Any additional advertisement, prizes, or incentives provided by a school or district are at the sole discretion and expense of that school or district.

Do Questions Answered correctly outside of the contest window count?
No. Only questions answered during the contest window (May 26 - August 17, 2019) will be counted towards contest totals.

What content will count towards contest question totals?
All Study Island subjects are allowed. Custom content and open-ended questions will be excluded.

Students are encouraged to complete assignments that meet their differentiated academic needs and the decision to assign different levels of content is at the discretion of the teacher. Questions answered in content below grade level for remediation needs, on grade level, and above grade level for acceleration purposes will count towards contest totals.

What if there is a tie for most questions correct?
In the event of a student tie, the student winners will be determined by the percent of questions answered correctly.

When will the winners be notified?
We will contact the person who registered the winning students for the contest on or before August 30, 2019 by phone and/or email.

I have registered my school to compete, now what?
Prepare to compete by making sure your students are enrolled in Study Island and know how to use the program. The help center within Study Island is filled with valuable resources for getting started and getting the most out of the program.

When the contest officially begins, we will automatically monitor student and school usage to calculate questions answered correctly during the contest period. You do not need to submit any Study Island usage data from your school. All participating students from your school will be included in the contest.

What if I have other questions?
We would be happy to answer any other questions! Please email us at [email protected].

All contest entries subject to official rules.

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