Who is eligible to participate in the contest?
Any U.S. Edmentum Exact Path customer is eligible to participate. All students K-12 are encouraged to participate. A minimum of 20 students must be active in the customer’s Exact Path program for the contest period in order to be eligible to win a school prize. There are no limitations around number of students participating tied to the individual student winners; the student’s school must only be registered for the student to participate.

Who can register a school?
Registration must come from a school-affiliated employee. Each individual school must register to participate. District registration is not accepted. If you want to register your entire district, please either register each school individually or email [email protected] with a list of all schools within the district that would like to compete.

Please make sure to use your school-provided email address when submitting entries. Student and parent entries will not be considered. For students to participate in the individual competition their school needs to be registered—individual students need not register.

What if my students don’t fit in the traditional registration categories?
(ie. K-5 is Elementary, 6-8 is Middle, 9-12 is High)

Each school may only compete in one grade level category. Select the category that best describes the students who will be competing. For example: If you are a K-8 or K-12 school, but primarily middle school students will be participating, please register in that category.

What does it cost to compete in Fall 2019 Exact Path Skills Challenge Contest?
It is free to register and compete in the contest. Any additional advertisement, prizes, or incentives provided by a school or district are at the sole discretion and expense of that school or district.

How will winners be selected?
One school winner will be named from each of the following school levels: elementary, middle, and high (for a total of 3 school winners). School winners will be determined by taking the total number of skills mastered by all active students within the contest period divided by the number of active student users in the Exact Path program during the contest period. By arriving at an average number of skills mastered per active students in the program, both large and small schools have equal chances to win.

One student winner will be named from each of the following school levels: elementary, middle, and high (for a total of 3 student winners). Student winners will be determined by adding up the total number of skills mastered during the contest period. The student with the greatest number of skills mastered within each grade span will be named a winner. A student winner can come from a winning or non-winning school.

What happens in the event of a tie?
In the event of a tie (for either a school prize or student prize) the scores earned for each mastered skill on the associated Progress Check will be averaged together and the student or school with the highest average score will be deemed the winner.

How is skill mastery calculated?
When a student completes a Progress Check assessment, following each set of up to four skills in their learning path, skill mastery is calculated. Mastery is achieved when at least 80% of the questions are answered correctly by the student for each skill that is assessed in the Progress Check. For example, if a student receives a 20-question Progress Check covering four individual skills, they will need to answer at least 4/5 questions correctly for each skill to show mastery. Students also earn a Mastery Trophy when the required score is met for each skill. Trophies earned will display for the student at the end of the short Progress Check. Trophies can also be reviewed from the student interface in the My Rewards area.

A skill will ONLY count as mastered the first time it is mastered within the contest period. This means if a student masters a skill within the contest period, then does one of the following activities which would trigger a new learning path: completes another diagnostic assessment, resyncs Renaissance data, overrides NWEA data, or edits the learning path thus creating a new learning path which includes the same skill, mastering it again within the contest period will not count as two skills mastered. It will be the very same skill, mastered two times, which is calculated as one skill mastered for the purposes of the contest. We recommend assessing your students before the contest begins and at a later date after the contest ends to avoid this.

Please note: In order to determine final contest school winners, the total number of skills mastered for all students within a given school will be divided by the number of active Exact Path student users in that location.

How can educators follow along to see how many skills students are mastering?
As an educator, skill mastery can be viewed from multiple areas of Exact Path.
  1. Within Reports, drill into Skills Reports and run a Learning Path Progress Report for the duration of the contest to see how many skills a student has mastered. This report also provides other useful information such as attempts made and time spent in the program, perfect for providing individual encouragement.
  2. The Admin dashboard is another useful place to review mastered skills at a glance. After adjusting the time span using the date picker, scroll down to the teal rectangle where a final count of total mastered skills will be available for all grades and subjects within a school/district. Note that you can only select full weeks in this date picker, so there is less flexibility with this option as to how you can narrow your search.
What do winning schools receive?
One winning school in each of the following categories: elementary, middle, and high school (for a total of 3 school winners) will receive the following:
  • An Exact Path Skills Challenge Trophy
  • A $300 pizza party
  • A $300 school supplies gift card to the retailer of their choice
  • A featured spotlight article on the Edmentum blog
What do winning students receive?
One winning student in each of the following categories: elementary, middle, and high school (for a total of 3 student winners) will receive the following:
  • An Exact Path Skills Challenge Trophy
  • A $100 Target gift card
When does the contest end?
The contest window ends on Friday, November 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central.

When will winners be announced?
The school and student winners will be announced no later than Friday, November 19th. Winners will be notified individually prior to the public announcement.

Which subjects and grade levels will be considered for contest eligibility?
All skills mastered across any grade level (K-12) and any subject (reading, math, and language arts) in Exact Path are eligible to count toward contest totals.

Who can I contact with additional questions regarding the contest?
Please email [email protected] with any additional questions regarding the contest.

All contest entries subject to official rules.

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